About Reviesoft

We exist to help business thrive through technology. We want you to make the best of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The reason why I established this Company was to help people make the best use of technology. In the world where people have very little or no time to attend formal training courses but where technology is required to propel business, we come to bridge the gap. We want our Clients to be able to use better any software they buy, to learn the components and packages they highly need to thrive. Our Company offers the following Solution:- Software DevelopmentWebsite Design and Hosting Domain Names RegistrationTraining on various professional packages such as:- Computerised Accounting, Human Resources Packages, Payrol, Business Planning Softwares and much more. We also provide training on how to cope with the ever changing technology. We can help you make the best use of your Ipad, Galaxy, Surface or even a more sophisticated Gadget. Our pleasure is to help you obtain the software you need to succeed. If it is in the Market we will help you obtain it, if it does not exist we shall develop it for you.

We want our Clients to make the preeminent existence online. We want our Clients to be able to advertise online easily. Reviesoft Computer Technology (RCT) is a Professional Tanzanian Websited Design Firm with its Office in Mbeya City. We provide fully customised Solutions to help your entity succeed Online with eye catching designs. Our main focus is in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) firm specialising in Website Design, Website Hosting, Domain Names Registration, E-mail Hosting, Digital Ebooks, E-Commerce, Online Marketing, Various Designs, Professional Photographs, Flash Animations, Database Design and Implementation, Software Development and Reseller Services, Computer Applications Training, and Online Training. Whether your Company requires an ecommerce engine, dazzling flash animations, content management systems, and special needs approach to implement our specialised programmers shall be glad to handle it and deliver solutions which shall exceed your expectations. If you need assistance in determining your project need and costs, please contact us through the numbers provided on the contact us page.

Reviesoft Computer Technology (RCT) started its services in the year 2006 in the name of Informatics Computer Training Centre (ICTC). We started conducting Computer Applications courses in Mbeya City and thereafter expanded our operations to programming, and Design Services. We are located along Tanzania – Zambia Highway in Soweto Area. Since then we have participated in various design works and successfully produced high impact solutions. We already have more than five years experience in the field and will continue to deliver professional solutions in the field.